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Zombie Reform seems to be a 3D zombie shooter survival game with a level system and challenging boss battles. The controls may include standard elements for a 3D shooter, such as movement controls, aiming, shooting, and weapon switching. On-screen buttons or gestures may be used for navigation and interaction. Here's a general overview:


Game Overview:

  • Genre: 3D Zombie Shooter, Survival.
  • Objective: Survive waves of zombies, progress through levels, and face powerful bosses.

Key Features:

  1. Level System:

    • The game has a level system where difficulty increases as players progress.
  2. Maps:

    • There are 6 different maps, and they change every 12 levels, providing variety in environments.
  3. Boss Battles:

    • Before each level change, players face a "FULL BOSS" battle.
    • Boss zombies are extremely powerful and require strategic gameplay to defeat.
  4. Zombie Strength:

    • Zombies become stronger at each level, posing a greater challenge to the player.

How to Play:

  1. Survival Gameplay:

    • Face waves of zombies trying to survive for as long as possible.
    • Use various weapons and resources to defend against the undead.
  2. Level Progression:

    • Progress through different levels, each with increasing difficulty.
    • Reach specific milestones, such as every 12 levels, to trigger map changes.
  3. Boss Fights:

    • Prepare for intense "FULL BOSS" battles before moving to a new map.
    • Strategize to defeat powerful boss zombies with unique abilities.
  4. Weapon Upgrades:

    • Collect in-game currency or resources to upgrade weapons.
    • Acquire new and more powerful weapons as the game progresses.
  5. Resource Management:

    • Manage resources like ammo, health, and other supplies.
    • Use them strategically to maximize your survival chances.

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