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1v1 LoL appears to be an online building simulator and third-person shooting game that offers various game modes such as battle royale, build fight, box fight, zone wars, and more. The description suggests a combination of building mechanics and shooting gameplay. Players can enjoy different modes with distinct challenges and objectives.

1v1 LoL


Here's a general guide on how games with similar features are typically played:

Controls Guide (Generic for Building and Shooting Games):

  1. Movement: Use the joystick or arrow keys to move your character.
  2. Aim and Shoot: Aim at opponents using the aiming controls and shoot using the designated button.
  3. Building Structures: If the game involves building, access the building menu, choose building materials, and use the controls to construct structures such as walls, ramps, and floors.
  4. Switch Weapons: Quickly switch between different weapons or tools.
  5. Interaction: Use a button to interact with objects, open doors, or pick up items.
  6. Map and Navigation: Access the map to plan your movements and stay within the safe zone.
  7. Game Modes: Depending on the selected game mode (battle royale, build fight, etc.), follow the specific rules and objectives for that mode.

How to Play:

  1. Choose Game Mode: Select the desired game mode from options like battle royale, build fight, box fight, zone wars, etc.
  2. Matchmaking: Enter the matchmaking queue to be paired with other players for the selected game mode.
  3. Character Customization: Customize your character if the game provides customization options.
  4. Land and Loot: In modes like battle royale, land on the map, and loot weapons and items to gear up.
  5. Build or Engage: Depending on the situation, either engage in combat with other players or utilize building mechanics for defense or strategic advantage.
  6. Survive and Eliminate: The primary goal is often to be the last player or team standing by surviving and eliminating opponents.
  7. Adapt to Zones: In modes like zone wars, adapt to shrinking play zones to avoid damage and outlast opponents.
  8. Practice Building and Shooting: Utilize modes like build fight and box fight to practice building and shooting skills.


  • For specific details on controls and gameplay mechanics in 1v1 LoL, refer to the in-game tutorial, controls menu, or official documentation provided by the game.
  • Since details about 1v1 LoL may have changed or been updated after my last training data in January 2023, consider checking the official sources or the game's platform for the latest and most accurate information.

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