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Advertisement Unblocked is a third-person online shooter game that blends exciting battle royale elements with creative building mechanics. Players can construct structures, defenses, and vehicles while simultaneously engaging in thrilling shootouts with other players. Developed by BattleLab


Here's a breakdown of its key features:


  • Five Game Modes: Freebuild (sandbox PvP), V-Arena (1v1 or 6-player FFA), War Zone (large-scale battles), Boxing Fight (punch-it-out brawls), and Domination (team-based objective capture).
  • Building System: Craft walls, floors, stairs, platforms, traps, and even vehicles using various materials.
  • Weapon Arsenal: Equip yourself with guns, grenades, rockets, and melee weapons to dominate the battlefield.
  • Customization: Tweak your character's appearance, controls, and graphics settings to personalize your experience.


The controls for Unblocked vary depending on your device (keyboard/mouse or mobile touchscreen). You can find the default control layouts within the game's settings menu. Some essential controls include:

  • Movement: WASD keys (keyboard) or joystick (mobile)
  • Building: Dedicated keys or buttons for placing and rotating building blocks
  • Shooting: Left mouse button (keyboard) or tap the fire button (mobile)
  • Jumping/crouching: Spacebar or dedicated buttons (keyboard/mobile)
  • Inventory: Tab key or inventory button (keyboard/mobile)

How to Play:

  1. Choose your preferred game mode from the lobby.
  2. Jump into the map and start building your defenses or structures.
  3. Gather resources and craft weapons to fight against other players.
  4. Utilize your building skills to gain tactical advantages and dominate the battlefield.
  5. Work together with teammates in team-based modes to achieve victory.

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