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TANKHIT is a multiplayer tank battle game where players control tanks in 3D labyrinths and arenas. The objective of the game is to crash head-on against either the CPU or a friend's tank. Each tank has a magazine with 5 ammo. Players can gain advantages by picking up power-ups scattered throughout the game environment. The winner is the first player to successfully make 5 hits on their opponent's tank.


How to Play:

  1. Select Game Mode: Choose whether you want to play against the CPU or against a friend.

  2. Navigate the Labyrinth: Maneuver your tank through the 3D labyrinth or arena using the controls provided.

  3. Collect Power-Ups: Throughout the game, there will be power-ups scattered across the map. These power-ups can give you advantages such as increased speed, extra ammunition, or stronger firepower.

  4. Engage in Combat: Once you encounter your opponent, aim your tank's cannon towards them using the controls and fire your ammunition by pressing the designated fire button.

  5. Keep Track of Hits: Each successful hit on your opponent's tank counts towards your score. The first player to make 5 hits wins the game.

  6. Avoid Getting Hit: While attacking your opponent, make sure to also evade their shots to prevent them from reaching their target score before you.

  7. Utilize Strategy: Use the layout of the labyrinth to your advantage, employ evasive maneuvers, and time your shots carefully to outsmart your opponent and secure victory.

  8. Celebrate Victory: Once you've reached 5 hits before your opponent, celebrate your victory and prepare for the next round or challenge.

Controls Guide:

  • Player 1 Controls:

    • Forward: W
    • Backward: S
    • Turn Left: A
    • Turn Right: D
    • Fire: Spacebar
  • Player 2 Controls:

    • Forward: Up Arrow
    • Backward: Down Arrow
    • Turn Left: Left Arrow
    • Turn Right: Right Arrow
    • Fire: Enter/Return

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