Stickman Army Team Battle

Stickman Army Team Battle



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Stickman Army Team Battle is a stickman fighter game where players engage in battles against another stickman army with the objective of eliminating the enemy team's leader. Stickman games often feature simple, stylized characters with basic stick-figure animations. Fight against an opposing stickman army and eliminate the enemy team's leader to achieve victory. Here's a brief overview based on your description:


Game Overview:

  • Genre: Strategy/War.
  • Objective: Lead your stickman army to victory by defeating the enemy.

Controls (These are speculative based on common controls in similar games):

  • Mouse or Touch Controls: Use the mouse or touch gestures to interact with the game.
  • Unit Selection: Click or tap on stickman units to select them.
  • Movement: Drag selected units to move them across the battlefield.
  • Attack: Click or tap on enemy units or locations to initiate attacks.
  • Special Abilities: Activate special tricks or abilities using designated buttons or gestures.


  • Strategic Warfare: Plan and execute strategic moves to defeat the enemy stickman army.
  • Unit Variety: Lead a small group of stickman soldiers, each with different characteristics, weapons, attack styles, defense capabilities, and special tricks.
  • Victory Conditions: Employ a variety of strategies to achieve victory over the enemy.
  • Dynamic Battles: Experience dynamic and engaging battles with stickman characters.


  • Enemy Resistance: Face different enemy units with unique abilities and strengths.
  • Limited Resources: Manage your stickman army efficiently, considering limited resources or cooldowns.


  • Strategic Planning: Plan your moves carefully to outmaneuver and outsmart the enemy.
  • Unit Synergy: Utilize the strengths and abilities of different stickman soldiers in coordination.
  • Adaptability: Be prepared to adapt your strategy based on the evolving battlefield.

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