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Special Wars seems to be a 3D multiplayer shooter where players can choose from four different soldier classes, each equipped with special weapons. The game features a variety of weapons, including machine guns, flamethrowers, revolvers, and more, allowing players to engage in intense gunfights.


Here's a general guide on how to play such multiplayer shooters and common controls, although keep in mind that these details may not be accurate for "Special Wars" specifically:

General Guide and Controls (Generic for 3D Multiplayer Shooters):

  1. Movement:

    • W, A, S, D or arrow keys: Move your character.
    • Shift: Sprint or increase movement speed.
    • Space: Jump.
    • C: Crouch.
  2. Aiming and Shooting:

    • Mouse: Aim your weapon.
    • Left Mouse Button: Fire or shoot.
    • Right Mouse Button: Aim down sights (ADS) for increased accuracy.
  3. Weapon Selection:

    • Number keys (1-9): Switch between different weapons.
    • Mouse Wheel: Scroll to switch weapons.
  4. Reload:

    • R: Reload your weapon.
  5. Grenades or Special Weapons:

    • G: Throw grenades or use special weapons.
  6. Interact:

    • E: Interact with objects or pick up items.
  7. Scoreboard:

    • Tab: View the scoreboard to check rankings and stats.
  8. Team Communication:

    • T: Open the chat for team communication.
  9. Objective Completion:

    • Follow on-screen prompts or objectives specific to the game mode you're playing.
  10. Class Abilities (if applicable):

    • Some games feature unique abilities for each class. Check the class-specific controls for these.

How to Play Special Wars (Based on the Description):

  1. Soldier Classes:

    • Choose between four different soldier classes, each with unique weapons and possibly special abilities.
  2. Special Weapons:

    • Utilize special weapons like machine guns, flamethrowers, revolvers, and more to defeat enemies.
  3. Crazy Weapons:

    • Experiment with a variety of crazy weapons that can give you an edge in gunfights.
  4. Participate in Gunfights:

    • Engage in heated gunfights with other players. Pay attention to your surroundings and use cover strategically.
  5. Rankings:

    • Climb the rankings by performing well in matches and showing your skills as the best soldier.

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