Skibidi Survivor Rush

Skibidi Survivor Rush



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Skibidi Survivor Rush is described as an exciting 3D game featuring action, shooting, and evading contaminated skibidi toilets. Players take control of a cameraman character tasked with staying one step ahead of the skibidi toilet threat. Navigate through the city map while relentlessly shooting at approaching skibidi toilets. Here's a summary based on the provided information:


Game Overview:

  • Genre: Action, Shooting, Evading.
  • Objective: Control a cameraman character who must stay ahead of the skibidi toilet threat while shooting them down.

Controls (These are speculative based on common controls in similar games):

  • Movement: Use the keyboard arrows or WASD keys to navigate the city map.
  • Shooting: Likely use the mouse to aim and click to shoot at approaching skibidi toilets.
  • Upgrade/Abilities: Keyboard keys or an in-game menu may allow you to access upgrades or new abilities.
  • Leveling Up: Defeating skibidi toilets may provide rewards, allowing you to level up and enhance your character.


  • Continuous Movement: Your character may move automatically, and your task is to guide them through the city.
  • Shooting Enemies: Shoot at the approaching skibidi toilets to eliminate them and earn rewards.
  • Upgrade System: Use the rewards to upgrade your character's abilities or acquire new ones.

Visual Style:

  • 3D Graphics: The game features three-dimensional graphics, providing a visually immersive experience.


  • Free to Play: The game is available for free.

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