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Shapez is, as you stated, an open-source factory building game where you design and automate the production of geometric shapes! It's inspired by games like Factorio, but with a unique twist where the resources you manage are shapes themselves. Your primary objective is to automate the production of specific target shapes. These shapes become progressively more complex as you progress through the game.


Playing the game:

  • Building factories: You use various machines and conveyors to manipulate, combine, and paint shapes until they match the target.
  • Machines and tools: You'll unlock different machines throughout the game, each performing specific actions like cutting, rotating, merging, and painting shapes.
  • Resource management: The game doesn't use traditional resources like ore or wood. Instead, the different shapes themselves are your raw materials.
  • Automation is key: The focus is on designing efficient and automated factories that run smoothly without much manual intervention.
  • Challenges and complexity: As you progress, the target shapes become more intricate, requiring clever combinations of machines and layout optimization.

Controls Guide:

  • WASD or mouse dragging: Move the camera around the map.
  • Left-click and drag: Move or rotate buildings.
  • R: Rotate the selected building.
  • Mouse Wheel: Zoom in or out.
  • Right-click: Place a marker for building placement.


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