Magic Wood Lumberjack

Magic Wood Lumberjack



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Magic Wood Lumberjack appears to be an idle or simulation game where players take on the role of a lumberjack, chopping down trees, selling wood, and upgrading their tools for faster progression. The game involves exploring different types of trees, encountering magical golden trees with bonuses, and ensuring regular returns to sell wood for continuous advancement.


Controls Guide:

  • Chopping Trees: Use on-screen controls, such as tapping or clicking, to chop down trees.
  • Selling Wood: Interact with in-game interfaces to sell the wood you've chopped.
  • Buying Upgrades: Spend in-game currency to purchase upgrades, which could include better axes, faster chopping, or other enhancements.

How to Play:

  1. Start the Game: Launch the game on your device.
  2. Chop Trees: Begin by chopping down trees to collect wood.
  3. Sell Wood: Sell the wood you've collected to earn in-game currency.
  4. Buy Upgrades: Use the earned currency to purchase upgrades that enhance your lumberjack abilities.
  5. Progression: As you advance, encounter different types of trees, each with varying values.
  6. Golden Trees: Discover magical golden trees that may contain bonuses or special rewards.
  7. Return and Sell: Regularly return to sell wood for fast-paced progression.

Gameplay Features:

  • Tree Variety: Encounter different types of trees, each with its own value.
  • Upgrades: Purchase upgrades to improve your lumberjack skills and efficiency.
  • Progression: The game likely features a sense of progression as you move through different tree types and upgrades.
  • Golden Trees: Discovering and interacting with magical golden trees may provide unique bonuses.

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