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Last Train Home is a game set in the aftermath of the Great War during the Russian Civil War. It introduces a unique perspective by focusing on the journey of a squad of weary Czechoslovak soldiers as they attempt to return to their newly-formed homeland. Unlike typical war games, Last Train Home shifts the setting from battlefields to train tracks, with players taking control of an armored train. The game emphasizes resource management and narrative-driven challenges as players guide their comrades through a perilous journey.


Key Features:

  1. Setting:

    • The game is set in the aftermath of the Great War during the Russian Civil War.
  2. Narrative Focus:

    • "Last Train Home" has a strong narrative focus, telling the story of a squad of Czechoslovak soldiers trying to return home.
  3. Gameplay Shift:

    • Unlike typical war games, the emphasis is shifted from traditional battlefields to the unique setting of a moving armored train.
  4. Resource Management:

    • Resource management is a crucial aspect of the game. Players must scavenge for supplies and fuel, barter with townsfolk, and manage resources to ensure the train's survival.
  5. Perilous Journey:

    • The game introduces a perilous journey for the players, with challenges beyond traditional firefights. Navigating the train through difficult terrain becomes a significant part of the experience.
  6. Spirit Management:

    • Keeping the spirits of the squad high is emphasized, highlighting the psychological toll of the journey and the need to maintain morale.

How to Play:

  1. Control of Armored Train:

    • Players take control of the Last Train Home, an armored train that becomes the focal point of the game.
  2. Resource Scavenging:

    • Scavenge for essential supplies and fuel to keep the train operational.
  3. Bartering:

    • Interact with wary townsfolk and engage in bartering to obtain necessary resources.
  4. Spirit Management:

    • Maintain the morale and spirits of the squad despite the hardships they face during the journey.

Unique Aspects:

  • Narrative Depth: The game appears to offer a rich narrative with a focus on the psychological and emotional aspects of war and survival.

  • Resource Challenges: Players must navigate resource challenges, emphasizing a strategic and survival-oriented gameplay style.

  • Train Navigation: The armored train serves as a unique gameplay element, requiring players to navigate it through various terrains and obstacles.

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