Grand Bank: Robbery Duet

Grand Bank: Robbery Duet



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Grand Bank: Robbery Duet is described as a bank robbery-themed game where players engage in strategic shooting. The gameplay involves smart firing at the appropriate time, aiming at opponents, and following a red laser to press the trigger at the right angle. The game boasts more than 20 specially crafted handmade levels, excellent game physics, and a progression system where players can improve their character and weapons using the money earned in the game.


Common Controls (Typical for Shooting Games):

  1. Aim:

    • Use the mouse to aim your weapon.
  2. Shoot:

    • Use the left mouse button to fire your weapon.
  3. Reload:

    • Press the designated key (often 'R') to reload your weapon.
  4. Switch Weapons:

    • Use number keys or a wheel scroll to switch between different weapons.
  5. Movement:

    • Use the WASD keys or arrow keys for character movement.
  6. Cover/Hide:

    • Some games allow you to take cover or hide. Use the spacebar or a designated key for such actions.
  7. Interact:

    • Use the 'E' key or another designated key to interact with objects or pick up items.
  8. Pause/Menu:

    • The 'Esc' key is commonly used to pause the game or access the menu.

How to Play:

  1. Level Progression:

    • Progress through the handmade levels, completing objectives or defeating opponents.
  2. Smart Fire:

    • Time your shots carefully. Follow the red laser and press the trigger at the right angle.
  3. Earning Money:

    • Earn money in the game, likely by completing levels or achieving certain objectives.
  4. Improving Character and Weapons:

    • Use the earned money to improve your character and weapons, enhancing your abilities for future levels.
  5. Conquer Opponents:

    • Conquer all opponents in each level to become the most feared robber in town.


  • In-Game Tutorial: Check for an in-game tutorial or guide that might provide specific details about controls and gameplay mechanics.

  • Options Menu: Explore the options or settings menu within the game for customization options and control details.

  • Community Discussions: If the game has a community or forums, check for discussions where players might share tips and strategies.

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