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Counter Craft 3 is a multiplayer shooting game that features cool graphics and intense battles across block world maps. In this game, players use different weapons with unique skins to shoot all their opponents on each map. The objective is to get the highest amount of frags (kills) in order to win the match. The game offers a competitive multiplayer experience where players must use strategy and shooting skills to outplay their opponents and emerge victorious.


Controls Guide:

  • Move: Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move your character.
  • Aim: Move your mouse to aim at opponents.
  • Shoot: Left-click to fire your weapon.
  • Reload: Press the R key to reload your weapon.
  • Jump: Use the Spacebar to jump.
  • Crouch: Press the Ctrl key to crouch.

How to Play:

  1. Choose Your Weapon: At the beginning of the game, select a weapon with a unique skin from the available options. Each weapon has different characteristics such as fire rate, damage, and range.

  2. Enter Battle: Join a multiplayer battle on a block world map with other players. Your objective is to eliminate opponents by shooting them.

  3. Navigate the Map: Move around the map using the WASD keys or arrow keys. Explore different areas to find weapons, ammo, and power-ups.

  4. Shoot Enemies: Aim at your opponents using the mouse and shoot them with your weapon by left-clicking. Be quick and accurate to take down enemies before they get you.

  5. Collect Frags: The goal is to get the highest amount of frags (kills) in the game. Keep eliminating opponents to increase your score.

  6. Use Strategy: Pay attention to your surroundings, use cover, and plan your movements strategically. Some maps may have hiding spots or advantageous positions.

  7. Watch Your Health: Keep an eye on your health bar. Find health packs or wait for it to regenerate if you've taken damage.

  8. Win the Match: The player with the highest number of frags at the end of the match wins. Aim to be the top fragger in the game!

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