Castel Wars: New Era

Castel Wars: New Era



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Castel Wars: New Era is an action-packed game, the third episode of the "Castel Wars" series. It introduces players to modern weapons, diverse maps, and a new mode called Mayhem. In this game, players can experience the thrill of combat using industrial revolution weapons and equipment. Here's a guide on the controls and how to play:


How to Play:

  1. Select Game Mode:
    • Choose between different game modes such as Mayhem Mode, Zombie Mode, or 1 Player versus 2 Players.
  2. Choose Your Weapons:
    • Experiment with modern weapons and equipment from the industrial revolution.
    • Each weapon has its own characteristics, such as rate of fire, damage, and range.
  3. Explore Different Maps:
    • Navigate through diverse maps, each offering unique challenges and strategic opportunities.
    • Familiarize yourself with the layout and use it to your advantage during battles.
  4. Survive in Mayhem Mode:
    • In Mayhem Mode, face intense battles in harsh conditions.
    • Fight against enemies and try to survive waves of attacks.
  5. Engage in Zombie Mode:
    • Zombie Mode features a new design where zombies approach from one direction.
    • Defend yourself against hordes of zombies using your arsenal of weapons.
  6. Single Player or 2 Players:
    • Challenge yourself in 1-player mode against AI opponents.
    • Or, invite a friend for some cooperative or competitive gameplay in 2-player mode.
  7. Use Tactics and Strategy:
    • Experiment with different weapons and equipment to create effective tactics.
    • Coordinate with teammates (in 2-player mode) to outsmart your opponents or survive against waves of enemies.
  8. Survive and Win:
    • The goal varies based on the mode:
      • In Mayhem Mode, survive as long as possible against increasing waves of enemies.
      • In Zombie Mode, fend off zombies and prevent them from reaching your position.
      • In 1-player or 2-player modes, defeat your opponents to claim victory.

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