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Bullet - Superhero is an exciting puzzle game where players take on the role of a superhero tasked with destroying opponents using ricocheting bullets. The game features ragdoll-style heroes, challenging missions, and requires precise aiming skills to succeed. Try different angles and approaches to find the most efficient way to clear each level.


Controls Guide:

  • Drag and Release: Use your mouse or finger to drag and release to aim and shoot.
  • Aim: Drag your cursor or finger to aim the superhero's hand.
  • Shoot: Release the mouse button or lift your finger to shoot the bullet.
  • Adjust Shot Power: The longer you drag before releasing, the more power your shot will have.
  • Use Ricochets: Plan your shots to hit walls or obstacles to create ricochets that hit enemies.
  • Complete Actions: Some levels may require specific actions, such as hitting multiple targets or activating switches.

How to Play:

  1. Start the Game: Launch "Bullet - Superhero" and prepare to become a superhero marksman.

  2. Destroy Enemies: Your objective is to destroy all enemies in each level using ricocheting bullets.

  3. Aim and Shoot: Drag your cursor or finger to aim the superhero's hand in the desired direction.

  4. Plan Your Shots: Strategize your shots to make use of ricochets. Aim to bounce bullets off walls or obstacles to hit enemies.

  5. Hit Targets: Each level will have a set number of enemies you must eliminate. Ensure your shots are precise.

  6. Use Obstacles: Take advantage of the environment. Some levels will have objects that can be used to create better ricochet angles.

  7. Activate Switches: In some levels, you may need to hit switches or targets to open doors or progress.

  8. Complete All Levels: Progress through the game by completing all levels, each increasing in difficulty and complexity.

  9. Score High: Aim for a high score by completing levels with the fewest shots possible and in the shortest time.

  10. Use Superhero Powers (if available): Some levels might grant you special powers or abilities. Use them strategically to overcome challenges.

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