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Build with Cubes 2 is described as a voxel-based Minecraft-style sandbox game that allows players to engage in 3D block building. Build structures such as dollhouses, houses, castles, small towns, and more. Furnish buildings with furniture, decor, and light elements. Below is an overview of the features mentioned in the description:


General Controls Guide for Voxel-Based Sandbox Games:

Movement and Camera Controls:

  • W, A, S, D keys or Arrow Keys: Move character
  • Spacebar: Jump
  • Shift: Crouch or sneak
  • Mouse: Look around

Building and Editing:

  • Left Mouse Button: Place a block
  • Right Mouse Button: Remove or break a block
  • Number Keys (1-9): Select blocks or items from the hotbar
  • E Key: Open inventory or crafting menu

Advanced Building Controls:

  • Shift + Left Mouse Button: Build/Remove multiple blocks in a line
  • Ctrl + Left Mouse Button: Build/Remove a large area of blocks
  • Mouse Wheel: Scroll through hotbar items

Flying (if available):

  • Double-tap Spacebar: Activate fly mode
  • Q and E keys: Move up and down while flying

Other Controls:

  • F key: Toggle fly mode (if available)
  • R key: Open additional build or interact options
  • T key: Access command or teleport menu
  • C key: Toggle camera perspective (first person/third person)

Special Tools or Items:

  • Portalgun: Use it to create portals for teleportation
  • Musical Note Blocks: Create melodies by placing and arranging note blocks
  • Mirror Function: Allows mirroring your builds for symmetry
  • Physics Objects: Interact with objects like balls, dice, trampolines, and TNT

Settings and Configuration:

  • Menu or Escape Key: Access game settings, options, and configurations
  • Generate 3D Landscape: Adjust settings such as seed, height, width, and other parameters for terrain generation

How to Play "Build with Cubes 2":

  1. Building Structures:

    • Use the block placement and removal controls to build structures, houses, castles, or any imaginative creations.
  2. Terrain Generation:

    • Experiment with 3D landscape generation settings to create hills, landscapes, and custom environments.
  3. Furnishing and Decorating:

    • Furnish your structures with furniture, decor, and lighting elements.
  4. Portals and Puzzle Creation:

    • Use the portal gun to create portals and design mini puzzle games or teleportation systems.
  5. Entity and Animal Interaction:

    • Populate your world with entities and animals to bring it to life.
  6. Music Creation:

    • Experiment with musical note blocks to create simple melodies.
  7. Flying and Mirror Functions:

    • Utilize fly mode and mirror functions for more convenient and faster building.
  8. Physics and Experimentation:

    • Experiment with physics objects like balls, dice, trampolines, and TNT.
  9. Save and Share:

    • Save your creations and share them with others if the game supports it.

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