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Army FPS Shooting is a first-person shooter (FPS) game where players are tasked with a crucial mission: taking down enemy bases scattered around the globe. In this game, dangerous weapons are being developed in these bases, and rebels pose a significant threat to humanity. As a soldier, your mission is to visit each of these locations and eliminate the rebel forces before they can carry out their destructive plans.


How to Play:

  1. Objective: Your main mission in Army FPS Shooting is to visit various enemy bases located around the globe and eliminate the rebels threatening humanity. Each base is filled with hostile forces, and you must neutralize them to secure the area.

  2. Movement: Use the WASD keys to move your character around the map. You can move forward, backward, and strafe left or right to dodge enemy fire and navigate the environment.

  3. Aiming and Shooting: Use the mouse to aim your weapon. Press the left-click to shoot at enemies. For more precise shots, you can right-click to zoom in (aim down sights) for better accuracy.

  4. Reload: Keep an eye on your ammo count, and press the R key to reload your weapon when needed. It's crucial to reload during downtime to avoid running out of ammunition in the heat of battle.

  5. Jumping and Sprinting: Use the spacebar to jump over obstacles or onto elevated platforms. Hold down the Shift key to sprint, allowing you to move quickly through the base or escape dangerous situations.

  6. Crouching: Press the C key to crouch, which can make you a smaller target and provide better stability when shooting. Crouching also allows you to take cover behind low objects.

  7. Weapon Selection: If you have multiple weapons in your arsenal, use the 1-9 keys to switch between them. Choose the appropriate weapon for the situation, such as a sniper rifle for long-range engagements or a shotgun for close-quarters combat.

  8. Grenades: If you have grenades available, press the G key to throw them at groups of enemies or into fortified positions. Grenades can help clear out enemies hiding behind cover.

  9. Interacting with Objects: Some missions may require you to interact with objects in the environment, such as opening doors, disabling security systems, or picking up key items. Press the E key when prompted to interact with these objects.

  10. Eliminate Rebels: Your primary goal is to eliminate all rebel forces in the enemy base. They will be positioned throughout the area, both inside buildings and in the open. Stay vigilant and clear out each area methodically.

  11. Survival: Watch your health bar, which is usually displayed on the screen. Take cover when your health is low to regenerate, and look for health packs or other healing items scattered around the base.

  12. Complete the Mission: Once you've eliminated all rebels and secured the base, the mission is complete. You may then move on to the next location to continue your quest to save humanity.

  13. Score and Progression: Army FPS Shooting often includes a scoring system based on your performance, such as accuracy, headshots, and mission completion time. Strive to achieve high scores and unlock rewards or new weapons.

  14. Strategy and Teamwork: Sometimes, you might have AI-controlled teammates assisting you in the mission. Coordinate with them, use tactics, and flank enemies to gain the upper hand.

  15. Global Threat: Remember, the rebels are a global threat, so you'll be traveling to different locations around the world to take them down and prevent their plans of destruction.

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