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Age of Quest is a mobile action game where players defend their castle against relentless hordes of monsters and skeletons. Armed with a sword, magical abilities, and powerful super frames, players must fend off the enemies and defend the stronghold. The game involves vanquishing creatures to acquire coins, gems, and ammunition to strengthen your character.


Gameplay Overview:

  • Objective: Defend your castle against waves of monsters and skeletons that are trying to breach its defenses.

  • Character: You play as a hero armed with a sword and endowed with potent magical abilities. Your character is also equipped with formidable super frames, which likely provide additional powers or enhancements.

  • Combat: Engage in fast-paced combat as you face off against hordes of enemies. Use your sword to slash through enemies in close combat, and unleash powerful magical abilities to defeat them from a distance.

  • Defend the Stronghold: Protect your stronghold by any means necessary. As the waves of monsters and skeletons grow in strength and numbers, your defense skills will be put to the test.

  • Acquire Resources: As you vanquish each creature, you will acquire coins, gems, and ammunition. These resources are essential for bolstering your powers, upgrading your character, and improving your arsenal.

  • Upgrade and Enhance: Use the coins, gems, and ammunition you collect to upgrade your character's abilities, improve your sword, and unlock new magical powers. Strengthening your character will be crucial for surviving the increasingly challenging waves of enemies.

  • Survive and Progress: The game likely features multiple levels, each with its own set of challenges and enemy types. Survive each wave of enemies to progress further in the game and unlock new content.

Key Features:

  • Defend against relentless hordes of monsters and skeletons.

  • Use a combination of swordplay and magical abilities to defeat enemies.

  • Acquire coins, gems, and ammunition by vanquishing creatures.

  • Upgrade your character's abilities, sword, and magical powers.

  • Unlock formidable super frames to enhance your combat prowess.

  • Engage in fast-paced action and strategic defense gameplay.

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